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 Uday Kiran's birthday celebrations were held grandly at Green Park Hotel, Hyderabad. Now Uday Kiran and Swetha Basu Prasad feautering in a film under Chanakya Media banner. This film will be directed by Subha Selvam. Producers are E Kumar and Eeswar Varaprasad.

Uday Kiran's latest heroine Swetha Basu Prasad, Chadalavada Srinivas Rao, Janardhan Maharshi, Subhaselvam, E Kumar and Eeswar Varaprasad were attended this evnt.

Uday Kiran said that this is the first time announcement of a film  is being made on his birthday. He was impressed with the director Subha Selam's  story narration. He had done many romantic films but this will be an unique concept flick. He also said "After this movie, people will start calling me as "Our Boy" instead of 'Lover Boy'".

Subhaselvam said "After watching Uday Kiran's film K Balachander's 'Poi' in Tamil, I decided that he is the right hero for my story. The story has a fresh concept and my ambition to direct a film in Telugu will be fulfilled soon".

Writer Janardhan Maharshi said "I had worked with these producers for the film 'Sri Ramachandrulu' in past. This film has a very good entertaining elements with a good story line".

Producers Eeswar Varaprasad said that this film will remain as a birthday gift to Uday Kiran forever.

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 Swetha Basu Prasad, one hit and two flops heroine recently went to West Godavari District for a private function. Huge crowds gathered to see this chubby cheeks beauty. But immediately after watching her, the crowd started breathing fire. A big Tattoo on her back is the main reason for the crowd’s anger.
The Tattoo is nothing other than all Hindus favorite God Lord Ganesh. This is definitely a big mistake done by Swetha. Crores of Hindu devotees pray Lord Ganesh with their Heart and Soul. She should apolosize immediately and remove the Tattoo. Earlier Venkatesh wore a T shirt with Lord Ganesh in ‘Subhash Chandra Bose’ and few people agitated against it. As the film became a flop, nobody bothered it much later.

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